Welcome to Dome Six

Transhumanity has more minds without bodies than ever before. Millions of brains downloaded and running on emulated biology. And for most, free run of the mesh isn’t enough to feel alive.

Dome Six, conceived as the city of infomorphs, is the largest, most regulated simulspace in the system. A place where infomorphs can have a society parallel to the material world, where they can be the next best thing to alive and breathing during the long wait for a new sleeve.

But its unprecedented size and structure has drawn in transhumans from all walks of life. Its high standard and low cost of living has even reversed its original intent, and drawn some to desleeve and take up permanent residence. Dome Six’s original majority is quickly becoming a minority.

It’s a time of change in Dome Six, and no one can say where it’s headed, or what it will mean for transhumanity’s existence after the Fall.

City of Sparks and Embers

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